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Our Fees:  Wills & Estates

Our charges for dealing with a probate application will be calculated according to the value element and to the time spent dealing with the estate.  We, like most solicitors, charge by reference to a number of factors.  The major ones are:-

  • Status and experience of the person dealing with the matter (partner, solicitor, legal executive etc).
  • The importance, complexity and size of the transaction.
  • The time taken in dealing with it.

Our basic hourly rate is £120.  We charge for each letter sent out and for routine telephone calls at 10% of this hourly rate.

In addition to the above charges there is a value and responsibility element charge as follows:-

Solicitor not an Executor

Gross estate less Residence                                    1.0%

Residence                                                                   0.5%


Solicitor Sole or Joint Executor with any other person

Gross Estate less Residence                                     1.5%

Residence                                                                   0.75%


A lesser charge applies where the residence is jointly owned and passes to the surviving joint owner without the necessity for a legal document of transfer.

In the event of a small, simple estate we may not include the value and responsibility element charge but will instead charge an increased hourly rate of £140.00.

These rates are those current at present but, of course, are increased from time to time to take account of increased overheads and inflation.  They represent the basic cost to us of providing the services of our partners and executive staff, taking into account the expense of secretarial and other support staff and general office overheads.

Our basic fee for a straightforward will is £150.00 plus VAT.  For joint wills the fee is £225.00 plus VAT.  For more complex documents we will quote an additional charge.

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