Over 50 years of experienceMears Hobbs LLP’s practice was established in 1970

We’re a client-focused law teamWe offer a friendly, helpful and Efficient Service

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Over the years our experienced staff have dealt with very many house purchases, sales, mortgages and auctions.  We also regularly advise clients who wish to raise capital via Equity Release.  We can assist and advise elderly clients who wish to transfer their home to their children and take a Lease for Life back.  (This is an extremely important transaction and it is essential that all aspects concerning it are fully explained).

Why Choose Us?

You are free to choose who will represent you and you are not obliged to accept any recommendation by a Mortgage Broker or Estate Agent.  You should be aware that many law firms recommended by Estate Agents pay the agent a so-called referral fee which can represent a substantial proportion of the law firm’s conveyancing fee.

A number of law firms who pay referral frees have no face to face contact with the client and the work is dealt with by a ”team”.  There is no guarantee that the client will deal with the same conveyancer throughout the transaction.

We are completely independent of mortgage brokers and estate agents and do not pay referral fees.

We have excellent working relationships with others involved in the sale, purchase and mortgaging of property.  We have a large body of satisfied clients who we have represented for many years and we are also very pleased to welcome new clients.

Our Fees

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